June 23, 2024

Ongoing Inspections

Pre-Inspection Checklist

Biennial Inspections

HUD allows MHA to conduct annual inspections every other year (biannual); however, MHA has elected to contact a biennial inspection no greater than every 18 months.   Scheduled appointments will be posted on the Landlord Portal.

Inspectors conduct a courtesy call the day before the scheduled inspection in order to give the tenant a timeframe when they expect to be in their area. It is strongly recommended that landlords also anticipate these inspections and ensure the tenant or a family representative will be available to allow access to the unit. Failure of the tenant family to provide access to the unit can result in termination from the program.

The inspector will determine that a deficiency is a Health and Safety issue or a Non-Health and Safety issue. Health and Safety issues are emergency conditions that require resolution within 24 hours. Your portal will identify this failure; but, you will also be contacted by our Inspections Department via email. Non-Health and Safety issues are conditions which must be resolved by the next inspection date (re-inspection on or about 30 days).   Your portal will also identify these conditions. In either case, failure to resolve these deficiencies within the deadline period results in abatement (stopping the HAP).   Should abatement be necessary, MHA will advise both the tenant and the landlord via regular mail.

MHA strongly encourages landlords to enforce their Lease. MHA is not a party to the Lease; and therefore, MHA will not make assumptions regarding conditions in the unit that are stipulated by the Lease. Landlords are encouraged to inspect units to determine if lease violations have occurred and to respond accordingly.

Special Inspections

Tenants are advised if they have contacted you regarding an emergency condition and you have not responded immediately that they can request a special inspection from MHA. Tenants may also request a special inspection if other conditions in the unit need to be addressed and there has not been an appropriate or timely response. The results and timeframe for resolution for a special inspection are the same as for a Biennial inspection; i.e., the deadline for a Health and Safety issue is 24 hours and a Non-Health and Safety issue is 30 days.

Quality Control Inspections

HUD requires a percentage of assisted units to be inspected by a program supervisor. Periodically, supervisory staff will conduct inspections that are randomly selected from the entire pool of assisted units, from all the inspectors’ schedules, and from all the various areas of Cobb County. This is a random sample and has no bearing on any other aspect of program participation. The conditions/deadlines governing QC inspections are the same as Biennial and Special inspections.

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