June 23, 2024

Section 8/HCV FAQ’s

FAQ’s About Section 8

  • How do I sign up for the waiting list?

When a family wishes to receive assistance, the family must submit an application when the waiting list is open. MHA advertises the opening of the waiting list in the “The Marietta Daily Journal” and other publications or notifications as appropriate.

The instructions for submitting an application will be provided in the notifications.

  • What are the income limits to be able to receive housing assistance?

Income limits change annually and can be found on HUD’s website, www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/il.html. Below are 2021 Income Limits.

  • How do I find a listing of units available for assisted housing?

    Available properties are listed on Georgia Housing Search at www.georgiahousingsearch.org

    Sponsored by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, GeorgiaHousingSearch.org provides detailed information about rental properties and helps people find housing to best fit their needs. The service can be accessed at no cost online 24 hours a day or through a toll-free, bilingual call center at 1-877-428-8844, available M-F, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm EDT.

  • What are the eligibility requirements to get a voucher?

    Applicant families must meet the following requirements :

    • Meet HUD’s definition of family
    • Meet income limits specified by HUD
    • Qualify on the basis of citizenship or the eligible immigrant status
    • Provide social security number information
    • Sign required consent forms
    • Pass screening process
  • How can I find where my name is on the waiting list?

    The waiting list is dynamic and does not follow a progressive method.  Public Housing is determined by bedroom size as well as date and time of application along with any preferences.  The Housing Choice Voucher Program has preferences as well as date and time of application.  These factors cause the waiting list to change on a monthly basis.  The time for Public Housing varies from 30 days to 1 or more years depending on the bedroom size.  Presently the Housing Choice Coucher Program waiting list is 3 or more years.

  • How much rent will I have to pay?

    A family rent is currently determined by HUD regulation.  Normally a family will not pay between 30-40% of their monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities.

  • How does the waiting list work?

    The waiting list is maintained by the date and time a person applies, the size of the family unit the person is eligible for and any preferences the person qualifies for.  When you apply for one of our programs a preference list is provided and you can check off which if any preferences apply to your situation.

  • How can I port my voucher to Marietta Housing?

    Please have your current housing authority send your paper work to:

    Marietta Housing Authority
    Diana Camarena
    95 Cole Street
    Marietta, GA 30060-2090
    Fax: 770-419-3232

  • If I am not selected for a Waiting List, what happens next?

    If you are not selected for a Waiting List, the MHA will not be able to provide housing assistance to you at this time. For other affordable housing opportunities, please visit www.georgiahousingsearch.org.


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