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About MHA

About MHA

The following is a short history of Marietta Housing Authority,
prepared by former MHA Executive Director, George Green:

The Marietta Housing Authority was created by the Mayor and Council of Marietta, Georgia on May 9, 1938 under the provisions of Section 9-11; Code of Georgia, (Acts 1937, pp 210, 211). A Cooperation Agreement was also entered into between the City of Marietta and the Marietta Housing Authority on that same date that governs the relationship between those two bodies in carrying out housing and redevelopment programs in the city.Under the provisions of Section 99, Georgia Law, the Mayor appointed the first board of five commissioners in May 1938. One was appointed for five years, one for four years, one for three years, one for two years, and one for one year. All subsequent appointments are for a period of five years. Mayor L. M. Blair appointed the following Marietta citizens as the first commissioners of Marietta Housing Authority:• T. C. BRANSON, JR.
• W. L. VANCE, SR.
• BILL TATEAn  organizational meeting was held in the offices of Brumby Chair Company at 2:00 p.m. June 30, 1938.  Mr. T. C. Branson, Jr. was elected as Chairman, Mr. Max Pittard was elected Vice-Chairman, and Mr. Bill Tate was elected Secretary.On July 8, 1938 a meeting of the Authority was held and Cooper, Cooper and Anderson; Barili and Humphryes were selected as architects for the Authority. At the December meeting  Dr. J. E. Hedges was appointed to conduct a real property survey. At the June 9, 1939 meeting Mr. George D. Anderson was appointed as the Authority’s attorney, and Mr. C. D. Brown was employed as Engineer. Sites were discussed during the meeting of August 25, 1939. Site number one, or “white site”, known as Green Street; and site number two, or “negro site”, known as the area surrounding the negro schools, were selected as the first two areas to initiate clearance. On October 10, 1939 Mr. Paul A. Gregory was appointed by the board as the first Executive Director at a monthly salary of $250.00 per month.  The board also appointed Mrs. Stanton Read as office manager and secretary at a monthly salary of $100.00.  Mr. W. L. Vance also tendered his resignation which was accepted with regrets. Click here to read more about The Marietta Housing Authority history.

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