August 19, 2022

Affordable Housing for the Disabled

Housing for Disabled Seniors

Disabled Senior Housing Disabled Senior Housing Disabled Senior Housing

A significant component of the affordable housing needs in Cobb County programs are the needs of low income disabled individuals.  The programs of the Marietta Housing Authority have a number of characteristics of interest to that segment of the affordable housing market.  The following is an inventory of MHA affordable housing and those special characteristics:

Affordable Housing for the Disabled
Facility Total Units Accessible Audio/Visual Features
Branson Walk (Senior/Disabled Public Housing) 114 12 3
Henry Hull Homes (Acworth Family Public Housing) 50 3 0
Retreat at Dorsey Manor (age 62 & over) 72 6 2
Tower at Dorsey Manor (age 62 & over) 80 5 4
Legacy at Walton Village (age 62 & over) 78 4 2
Legacy at Walton Overlook (age 62 & over) 108 6 2








Unfortunately, the demand for this housing is so great that there are lengthy waiting lists for admission.  Indeed, the waiting lists for public housing are closed, as is the waiting list for the section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.  Should those lists be opened again, disabled individuals should know that MHA policies provide for certain preferences in admission for such persons.  Senior disabled individuals interested in the other properties should click on links to those properties on this website.

An excellent website for locating accessible housing is  Disabled individuals who have been fortunate to receive section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers should particularly use that site.

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